What Exactly Is Business Casual?

Let’s get down to business… Chill bar. What exactly does a “business casual” set mean? The collection has a traditional professional style that is paired with more stylish, casual and beautiful pieces. Consider a combination of sophisticated pieces such as a structured blazer, trousers, or a classic button-down shirt with bright shoes, layered jewelry, a printed shirt, a flowing silk dress, or a stunning handbag.

Business casual is a blend of professional and everyday attire that is worn together to create a range of outfits that are more amazing than boredom, while still being perfect for the workplace, long working lunches, business trips, and any other occasion your office requires.

As The Balance Careers points out, if you’re starting a new job, “it’s wiser to dress conservatively than to dress scantily.” They also recommend consulting with HR for any must-know rules, as each office has its own policy when it comes to dress codes. Still: going to the office doesn’t mean leaving your personality at home.

Business casual attire is attired to look and feel the most confident, powerful, intelligent, moving, and shaken. The ideal business casual outfit can take you from a full day of meetings and emails to cocktails and dinners without having to change them. It will elevate your work because you will feel incredible – when you feel and look incredible, when you project a presentation onto the screen and project your ideas into the world, you project a fiery energy.

Business casual is different for everyone, every office. Jewelry designer and chef Jennifer Fisher notes that for her, the word means “jeans, jeans and jeans.” I love denim. That’s pretty much what I wear every day. I like to keep it clean and minimalist. I usually choose what jewelry to wear before I get dressed. I plan my look accordingly so that I can go to any dinner or event from the office because I’m always busy. We’ve launched a look inspired by Fisher, because jeans always make the perfect work-ready outfit (even if you’re only allowed on Fridays in the office).

Meet the new office looks: business casual is here to stay, and here are five classic outfits.

Laser-Sharp Blazer

Let’s start with a must-have classic office piece: a structured blazer. This outfit is perfect for any work occasion, and we’ve designed it so you can wear it to cocktail parties and dinners without feeling like you’re still in the office. A great blazer is a vibrant piece, and you can’t go wrong with this tailored must-have.

Because blazers are, as the name suggests, professional items, it’s best to pair a blazer with jeans and flats. This look is perfect for an office day, a lunch meeting, or even a business trip.

Flowering Ideas

Spring has finally arrived. Welcome the new season, flowers bloom, creativity blooms, and the career is fruitful. Pair a stunning dress with a more masculine, no-nonsense piece – think a structured briefcase or handbag and a beautiful pair of classic heels for the perfect look for any work occasion.

In the Navy

We never get tired of the classic nautical look. Stripes are perfect for any occasion, and the office is no exception. This shape is timeless and infinitely sophisticated.

Wear a classic striped shirt with a flared, navy and blue tote for another day of work life. All aboard – in the boardroom.

Cocktail Party Attire

Drinking a working drink for a meeting?This outfit is elegant, glamorous, and suitable for a cocktail party. You’re there to exchange ideas and close deals, but you never know who you’ll be exchanging glances with at the hotel lobby bar – put on this outfit and you’ll be ready for anywhere in your life.

Wear it with a colorful, delicate midi dress, such as a power necklace and a structured jacket. Take off your coat and you’re ready to enjoy a hearty dinner.

Working Abroad

Traveling for work?This outfit can easily fold into your suitcase, making it perfect for strolling through new neighborhoods, galleries, shopping, and enjoying an outdoor lunch, as well as for meetings and conventions. Each piece is versatile, so you can combine multiple outfits without having to carry too many items. Immerse yourself in the world as you fly from one destination to the next in your best business casual attire.

Slip on with tailored trousers and a printed shirt and colourful block heels to get you walking and getting to work with ease. When you’re out in the evening, just put on some jewelry and pack the essentials in your dinner bag. And voila, you’re ready to travel, work, and enjoy the ride.

Let’s redefine the idea of business casual – and think of it as business elegance. These looks are for those who possess endless power, beauty, and are ready to take on whatever the universe has to offer. Okay, let’s get to work – just put on a luxurious, well-crafted suit and you’ll shine.

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