The Top 10 Denim Trends for Spring 2024 Are All About Color and Silhouette

The Spring 2024 fashion show brought a series of trends, with changes in textures such as leather, sequins, and denim taking center stage. The theme of spring is casual attire, finding freshness in basic outfits like white button-down shirts and jeans. Many designers stick to classics, like the straight-leg pants from the 90s, while others tweak popular styles and add upgraded updates with pleats and panels. Read on to find out the top 10 spring denim trends to try this season, and tips on how to style them.

Gray Denim

This spring, gray jeans became a trend, with classic blue and black taking a back seat in unexpected but durable trends. “Grey jeans are the perfect transition jeans from winter to summer,” says fashion stylist Audree Kate López. “If you’re not a fan of dark black jeans or light-washed jeans, then gray is a good middle ground.”

Styling tip: If you’re looking to update the fashion trends for 2024, look for looser, straight-leg silhouettes, López says. “[Choose] thicker, plain jeans instead of stretch skinny jeans,” she told us.

Puddle Jeans

Another millennial trend is making a comeback, and it’s both chic and hard-wearing (just not for wearing on rainy days). Puddle jeans can be worn with heels for a dress-up look, or they can be “puddled” over sneakers or loafers for the ultimate cool-girl look. “Puddle jeans are synonymous with ‘cool girl’ and exude effortless styling, a combination of casual and stylish girl [energy], the perfect combination of millennium flared jeans,” Lopez said. “Puddle jeans are an updated, cooler version of JNCO jeans from the late ’90s to early ’00s. ”

Styling tip: swap your 90s narrow-waisted jeans for sleek and comfortable baggy jeans. Pair it with a cropped T-shirt and shoulder bag for a spring-ready look for everyday wear.

Flared Jeans

Whether you want to admit it or not, flared jeans are a wardrobe staple. This style suits almost any aesthetic and there are a variety of styles to suit your preferences. “Whether you prefer eye-catching flared jeans like DL1961’s Rachel Flare Ultra High Rise ($219) or more relaxed, subtle flared jeans like our Desi Boot High Rise ($229), this silhouette adds a unique focus to any look,” said the DL1961 founder. Sarah Ahmed.

Styling tip: Ahmed says “Pair it with a ribbed vest, an oversized blazer and killer heels for a simple, sophisticated look.”

A Feast of Shorts

When thinking of spring/summer denim trends, shorts always come to mind. But this season, shorts of all kinds, from super-shorts to knee-length Bermuda shorts, are trending at the same time – leaving plenty of room for personal style. “A pair of shorts can be a simple warm-weather outfit or a real statement piece,” Ahmed shares.

Styling tip: There are countless ways to style denim shorts, but the key is to keep it simple and create a relaxed and chic look. Ahmed tells us, “Just tuck a strapless bodysuit inside and pair it with a pair of strappy sandals for a cool, casual summer look.”

Beige Wash

Ahmed said: “There’s nothing like a beige wash that makes people scream. Warm weather is inseparable from soft, light, and light colors, and an eye-catching pair of white jeans can be intimidating. The beige wash color is more durable and suitable for autumn.

Styling tip: “Warm off-white tones can be paired with almost any color or pattern to provide a refreshing fulcrum for cool-weather dressing,” Ahmed tells us. Enjoy trendy fun with casual jeans and a baggy t-shirt with your favourite soft accessories.

90s Straight Legs

The wearability of straight-leg jeans from the 90s is undeniable. Styles like Re/Done’s high-waisted straight-leg jeans from the ’90s ($302) are wardrobe staples, while the covetable silhouette is versatile and suitable for everyone. “If I were asked to recommend my top-of-the-line jeans to a client, I would recommend that everyone have a pair of straight-leg pants from the 90s in their wardrobe,” López told us. “I love clean, classic denim silhouettes. You can choose a high-waisted or low-rise style, but the overall look and silhouette of classic straight-leg denim is timeless, super versatile, and durable.”

Styling tip: Pair 90s straight-leg denim with an oversized blazer and tuck the button-down hem into your briefs for an elegant, professional look. Outfits like this can be transitioned from the workplace to after-work drinks by changing from loafers to heels.

Deep Indigo

Ahmed said: “Deep indigo is the new black. He added that the dark blue would become a cult classic. Dark blue jeans are getting more and more attention, reminiscent of the classic jeans you’ve seen in your parents’ wardrobes.

Styling tip: The black belt pairs perfectly with deep indigo jeans. Pair it with a black top and shoes to make blue denim even more pop.


The fame of super-loose denim has gone from monotonous to fashionable, becoming a must-have item for high fashion looks. “This jeans style is common — we’re seeing menswear move into looser pants silhouettes, we’re also seeing women’s bottoms — baggy pants, long skirts, and now baggy puddle jeans, tube-leg jeans and flared jeans,” Lopez said.

Styling tip: To modernize this trend, Lopez recommends pairing jeans with contrasting pieces. “Feminine tops, blazers, jewelry, belts and heels – it’s not just about the denim look, it’s about bringing cool, effortlessness to the look,” she says.

Tube-Leg Jeans

There’s no denying that “tube-leg jeans are the ‘it girls’ uniform in 2024,” Ahmed shared. Sometimes referred to as horseshoe denim, the balloon-like shape gives the impression that the model is off duty, tapering at the ankles and balloon-like at the thighs.

Styling tip: accentuate the waist with a fitted shirt that contrasts with the volume of the trousers.

Polished Folds

Pleats are wildly popular in tailored clothing, but now they’re turning to more casual everyday pieces like jeans. “Over the past few years, denim has become a celebrity in the wardrobe, with people wearing denim for any occasion — in the office, on date nights, or even on a night out,” López said. “The pleated denim trend is a nod to ’90s pants and makes ultra-loose denim feel more sophisticated. It adds a bit of tailoring to the overall silhouette and allows you to dress up your denim even more beautifully.”

Styling tip: Pair it with pleated jeans with the on-trend kitten heels and a silk shirt. If it’s a cold spring night, you can wear a light knit.

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